Kickemuit Middle School

Arts Alive! & the Kickemuit Middle School PTO Program…Coming soon!

Check back in Fall 2024 for information on the 2024-25 Arts Alive!/ Kickemuit Middle School Play!

Policies for Kickemuit Middle School


All communications are through email from Arts Alive.  Please do not call the office with questions about the play.

It is imperitive that we have the correct email for you and any other caregivers for your child. Also, please ensure that you are able to receive emails from



The Arts Alive philosophy is to be all-inclusive. We believe kids are still discovering their abilities and should be encouraged to explore. For that reason, we do not CUT kids from the auditions. All kids are given a part and will be pushed to grow their own individual abilities,  but they need to understand not everyone is going to be cast in a lead part – it is just not possible.  Due to our numbers, our shows are largely ENSEMBLE. We appreciate you helping us to communicate to the kids that they are in this for the experience, NOT to be singled out as stars! Complaints about casting will not be responded to. We strive to teach the kids to make the most of what they get! ALL kids will have plenty to do.

Rehearsal Dismissal & Late Pick-Up Policy

Unless otherwise noted, rehearsals at Kickemuit Middle School end at:

4:00 pm for all actors

You do NOT need to send in a dismissal note for rehearsals. Arts Alive! staff will provide a list of children participating in rehearsals each week for sign-out.

Please be on time to pick up your child. If your child remains in our care 15 minutes beyond the designated pick-up time, you will incur a $10.00 late pick up fee per family for every 10 minutes beyond the 15 minute grace period (i.e., 1-10 minutes late, $10.00; 11-20 minutes late, $20.00, etc.). Late fees must be paid in full at the time of pick up. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Discipline Policy

All participants and their parents will be required to review and sign the Arts Alive! Discipline Policy. The Discipline Policy will be reviewed at the start of the program. In addition, a hard copy will be provided to be signed and returned.

School Attendance/ Sickness & Health Policy

School Attendance/ Early Dismissal/ Sickness
If a student is absent from school or dismissed from school early due to illness or health concerns, they will not be permitted to participate in any Arts Alive! after school activities, including rehearsals, tech week events, or performances.

Head Lice
If a participant is diagnosed with head lice, Arts Alive! will require that they receive at least one treatment prior to returning to rehearsal, tech week events, or performances. Given the nature of our programs in which students are in close proximity and may often have costume pieces stored together in backstage areas during performance, we want to do our due diligence to ensure there is no further spread.

Commitment to Quality

Arts Alive! is a 501(c)3 charitable organization committed to providing opportunities for youth to experience high quality performing arts programs that promote positive development. Arts Alive! enriches the community through partnerships with schools, parent teacher organizations, families, businesses, and community organizations.

Costume Fittings

Fitting dates will be announced through email.

All fittings take place at our storage facility:

450 Main Street
Warren, RI
(Access from parking lot on Child Street to the left of Richardson’s Kitchen & Bar)

Rehearsal Attendance

The play consists of an ensemble cast. Even if you think your child has a small part, they are a significant part of the play. Their absence affects the entire cast. Please do your best to ensure that your child is present for every rehearsal for which they are called. If your child has to miss a rehearsal, please notify us as soon as possible. More than two (2) absences may result in a student’s lines being reassinged to another actor.


Scholarship Application Instructions:


All scholarship applications will be reviewed and processed confidentially.