Student Volunteers

An Important Part of the Production Family

Our high school and middle school student volunteers help our backstage teams on the elementary school productions.

They also contribute greatly in many other aspects of our productions, including:

  • Rehearsal assistants
  • Costume design
  • Prop/set design

The younger children see the teens as positive role models and in the process, the teens gain experience working with the younger age groups and being a part of the production family.

Teens may also gain community service hours by helping out in productions!

Students interested in volunteering to help in any of our upcoming productions may contact us for available opportunities.

Professionally Guided Theatre Arts Opportunities

Teens with more experience will be given the opportunity to direct the younger actors in workshops and productions through internships. The interns will be assigned a mentor who will oversee their work and help them with their professional development.

Arts Alive! offers many wonderful opportunities for SENIOR PROJECTS, with opportunities in Assistant Direction, Stage Management, Technical Direction.

High school students who are interested in an internship with Arts Alive!, please feel free contact us.

Student volunteers work as rehearsal assistants
Student volunteers work as backstage assistants and techs
Student volunteers work in costume, prop and set design